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Permanent Stones released Aug 2013 is the first studio album released by epAdemyk. Grab a copy of the album before its gone.

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The Artist

Born in South Haven Michigan, epAdemyk developed a strong love for music at a very young age digging through his mothers tape and vinyl collection. One of the first cassette tapes he can remember confiscating was Kool & The Gang album titled Emergency and it only began there expanding to all types of music. Using his tape player epAdemyk used to make mixtapes off the radio heavily influenced by Hip Hop and R&B. epAdemyk was the type of kid that could listen to an album and have practically all the lyrics memorized in a day.

Realizing that he couldn't exactly relate to a lot of the lyrics being played, epAdemyk began to write his own lyrics speaking on personal experiences. The opportunity to move out to Colorado presented itself where the knowledge and love for Hip Hop only grew stronger. After being introduced to an artist with a mic and some recording software allowing him to record lyrics over instrumentals for the first time. epAdemyk realized being an Emcee was his calling so he began honing his skills on the mic.

Making his way to Denver epAdemyk was introduced to a producer and quickly began recording every moment possible to put out his first album to introduce the world to epAdemyk.